Bye Bye Acquia - What's next for Mr. Singh?

Zoya and Papa

I didn't make any big announcement about it, because I'm not the big announcement type. More the slip out the back, change your number and grow a mustache type. Anyway, I finally left my job at Acquia after 8 years (5 months ago).

I watched an uncertain startup with products no one was buying and VC money burning up turn into a global powerhouse. A lot of things changed. My life changed pretty dramatically a few times.

I moved across the world twice, I became a father, I became a single dad. Friends came and went, relationships changed, the world changed, Donald Trump is a thing... it's been a wild journey.

DCD Keynote
My work was anything but static. I started out as a long-haired engineer, hacking away in my sweaty home office in New Delhi. I became an Agile optimist, evangelist, a skeptic, then a realist. I learned I was a good teacher. I became a public speaker and spoke to crowds in dozens of cities around the world. I made hundreds of friends and a few enemies online (but eventually enemies also became friends). It was a life changing experience.

Acquia India
Then I moved to India and learned about business.



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