Smashing my hammer down again

If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

It's a cliche, and one that I despise, but it rings true. I'd really like to change streams a bit, but of all the things I've tried my hand at, it's easiest to get sucked into hacking. In the past couple months I decided that I would embrace it, and just roll with it because... well, it's 2:00AM, and I'm just gunna run it one more time... and... it's 2:15, just need to fix that syntax error and... oh wait, shit, that loop is off by one.. and oh fuck is that that sun?

I've been working on some new stuff, and thought I'd post a few screenshots, but first, a backstory:

Yeah, so I applied for what I thought was a really cool job in a startup that could really benefit from my skills, and after a grueling 2 month long disorganized interview / free consulting process (this is crap btw, please stop doing this companies), for the first time in my life... I didn't get the gig! It sucked, but I'm trying to take the positive away from it. The feedback I got is that they thought I wouldn't be hands-on enough. Pretty ironic considering that's often my fatal flaw, but there it is.

The company (who will not be named) is



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