The second half

I have more than 1/2 left. That includes about 25 years of an athletic body, endurance, a sharp memory, and maybe if I’m lucky, a bit of sex appeal. Nearing 40, it’s nice to remember in our youth-oriented culture that it’s not just a death march from here on out. I’m excited for the next 40 actually, but it will be very different. What do I need to prepare myself?

Right now, my answer is habits. I like to think it is futile and painful in life to fight your nature. This is true at a surface level. If you’re careless, don’t buy nice stuff, If you’re late, don’t schedule a lot of stuff. If you’re messy, don’t try to be a neat freak for others, just clean the toilet. Happiness is purely the acceptance of one’s circumstances, not the circumstances themselves. However, there is a natural flow of the world, not towards or away from anything, but change is braided with time and therefore carries on and fills the gaps around us. Without changing ourselves, without becoming more fluid and flexible and able to dance around time, we are in essence planning to become its victim.

So a life living by one's “nature” needs to be balanced by a healthy distaste and distrust for the concept



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