Create gorgeous rotating banners with 0% nerdliness

Acquia's been working on ways to let people create really professional looking Drupal sites using only web-based tools.  One of those tools is the Rotating Banner module which just had its first release this morning.  What is a rotating banner?  I'm talking about those pretty slideshow type things at the top of most sites' homepages these days.  For a couple examples, check out http://acquia.com, http://amnesty.orgThis module was developed for Drupal Gardens by myself and James Elliot.

Core features:

  • Various transition effects (fade, wipe, etc)
  • A rich editor where you can pick a background image and add headlines and text areas with inline editing
  • Pre-defined layouts for your text or a custom mode where you can drag and drop right where you want.
  • Creates blocks, you can make a bunch of them.  Put them in sidebars, the header, etc.
  • Can be a static size, or will grow to the size of your largest / smallest image or the size of the region you put it in automatically!
  • Controls for switching between slides, or auto transition

Demo (click to view on YouTube):

Rotating banner demo



Please read before writing

Hello Anonymous heckler!

I mention there are many other better solutions in this blog post, and in the video, AND if you had bothered to visit the project page, you would have seen this at the top:

There are lots of other really good flexible solutions out there that may be more what you're looking for. This module is really focused on the usability and total control while creating banners. Here's a summary of why we built it

I suggest you take a look at those links if you want to actually understand why we did it.



Strange behaviour on exported site

I also give my two cents for D6 version, however that could be unlikely. But consider that module is really easy and intuitive and D7 won't be production ready at least 6 months or even year for those that are heavy reliant on some modules.

Also, I exported a site from Drupalgardens, got it to work on Dreamhost (but only after I had chmod -R 755 *) and now I have some strange behaviour: I could not change Title or Text and if I do open Rotating banner admin, I have no settings remembered (therefore, subsection of remembering Title or Text is also forgotten) although if I set size and other banner settings they will be remembered but not retrieved next time when I choose to edit settings.

Have you any clue how could that be?

error when uploading images

this looks like a good solution for what i want. i have installed the module and all other required modules, but when i am creating a rotating banner, it doesn't show the white preview box where we add new background images. and when i try to add images, they don't save into the library, and it shows me a red error box that tells me "You must select a background image." any help is appreciated. Thanks



Thanks for dropping by!  It's totally possible with all the different versions of media, rotating banner, core, etc you have a bad egg.  I recommend you submit your support request over at the module's issue queue though if you want help with it.

Good job, jacob!!! This is

Good job, jacob!!! This is one of the most important of all the modules (it's very easy to use, nice jquery effects, 5,6 clicks to made it operational, but it has a few bugs). Why don't you include it in DC7X pledge???
Will you release a new version when Drupal 7 final will be release???

Others say that are others good option for this rotating banner, i doubt it, there is no one more user-friendly than this.

Keep up the good work!!!!

Hi Jacob -

Hi Jacob -

I think your module fits within what my department needs as we slowly incorporate Drupal 7. Your YouTube video was really nice, easy and clear to understand. Thanks for doing a video. It helps someone like me who is new to Drupal understand how it works.

Question: When I installed the module and start using it this error shows up...

sites/all/modules/rotating_banner/rotating_banner.module on line 241

Is there something I did wrong in my installation. I installed your module, media and file entity as per requested. Is there something else I'm supposed to be doing.

If there is any suggestions that you have, I'm totally open. Thanks.


This looks like exactly what

This looks like exactly what I need, but I must be missing something. I install it, and the necessary prerequisite modules. But nothing shows up for a "Create Rotating Slideshow" block. I've looked around and can't find anything else that works for Drupal 7 that is as nearly as good as this that I can get to work. If you have any ideas, please help.

Tim Bertrand

[ DELETED for being completely off topic and negative bordering on spam ].  I try to keep ym blog free of censorship, you can see the replies which followed this comment.  If you are interested in the original comment, please contact me.

Hi Burt,

Hi Burt,

I try to keep my blog "censorship" free which is why I'm leaving your comment up there, but it is really not at all related to the topic so I might delete it for that reason.  Also, Tim is a friend of mine and I don't find him to be overly arrogant (he is a BD guy, so there is always a hint of that cockiness, but less than most).  I'm sorry you had a negative interaction.  I assure you, we at Acquia are very proud of our part in helping Drupal and the community behind it become the dominant CMS in the market.  But we also know we still have a long way to go and are not beyond criticism.


Hello Burt,

I have only been to one show in the last 5 months, and it was a Government show. Therefore, I am incredibly confused....perhaps you met someone else from Acquia? These are actually two words I have never been called in my entire career, and this quite upsets me.

Next, I have a large number of friends who work at AWS, and I have nothing but the greatest respect for them and the entire AWS organization.

Since I hold this very seriously, I suggest you contact me directly so we can chat about this --is

Thank you,


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Target tag


We've been using bannersnack to create rotating ads, however annoying it always sets target="_blank", which obviously ends up in all of our fancy files opening up in new tabs. Does your module do this? Ie, does it either set no target or offer the user the ability to chose it? 



Styling the Banner

I've been trying to help out a nonprofit put together a website ( and want to use drupalgardens(your) Rotating Banner on the home page.  I would like to have the linked Title and Banner Text sit to one side of the rotating pictures but when I try to style the text it gets hidden behind another RB element.  Having an explaination of the layout might help - or a guide to styling the RB.

Currently I'm thinking that the quickest solution is to make the pictures as wide as the page and go with that.  There is a website that has styled the RB - from which I have tried to take my inspiration ( - but inspecting the CSS and code in Firebug only leaves me more confused.

Any suggestions?