Letter to a graduate

Below is a letter I wrote in response to a job applicant. She's 24, a recent masters graduate in computer science from a mid-tier university with absolutely zero work experience. Her cover letter stated "Want to seek a challenging position." I generally ignore such resumes. Don't judge me, India has a bad signal to noise ratio when it comes to job applicants and if someone doesn't take the time to even read the requirements, I don't feel obligated to reply. However, for some reason this one stood out. I'm not sure why, perhaps because she was the first one with no experience whatsoever and I wondered what it felt like to be her. Her name is not Sushmita.

Hi Sushmita,

Thanks for applying for our Project Manager job. I assume you know we could never consider you for this position since you do not fulfill any of the criteria. I get lots of applications which do not come close and I generally don't reply to them. It seems to be a common practice in India to just apply to random jobs and hope someone is not paying attention or is especially desperate.

I'm writing to you because you have no experience at all (related or otherwise). I imagine you don't really know how to


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